Where do you see your career in 10 years?

I see myself putting on big concerts with theatrical production elements in them. Music obviously comes first, but I feel creating new experiences and reinventing the live element on par with that is very important, I see myself experimenting a lot with that in the future, and crossing genres. And of course still writing…for myself, for other artists, and film.

Could you tell us more about your single “Little Babylon”?

I wrote Little Babylon during the promo tour for my single with Felix Jaehn “Book Of Love”, I missed home (LA) and felt nostalgic. The idea behind “Little Babylon” is coming back to that special carefree place and time, which each and everyone one of us has. Paddy (Hunt) and I wrote, recorded and produced the whole record in one day. For the video I teamed up with a British director Rory McKellar. The video is set in a desert town outside of LA and resembles a mini film, it traces the “child” and “grown up” me exploring a place of my childhood . It’s very cinematic, and I feel is the perfect visual for the story and mood of the track. There’s a surprise visual sequence in the middle of the song, so make sure to watch all the way through! 🙂 It’s a work I’m very excited to share with my fans.

Can you tell us how has it been working with Eminem?

Working with Eminem has been virtually wild. It so happened that I wrote and recorded the song first in NY and then it got to Eminem. He recorded his vocals in Detroit. It was crazy to be on a record with him and then to receive a Grammy for it (after MMLP2 won Best Rap Album) prior to ever meeting. It’s definitely changed my life in some way.

Have you heard of the Eurovision Song Contest? If yes, would you consider participating in this contest?

I would definitely consider writing a song for it, but as an artist I feel this wouldn’t be my cup of tea, so probably not.

Do you plan to release a debut album this year?

I’m releasing a set of EP’s and eventually an album under a new alias. It will show a very different side of me musically and artistically. Something I’ve been carrying inside and conceptualizing for a long time. The first single and EP will be out this fall and I’m beyond excited.

How was your first performance at 14 years old?

It was the most memorable one. I came out during one of my mom’s concerts (who is a 90’s Russian pop singer Anka) and got a standing ovation. And I was like wow I’m meant to do this.

You also moved from Russia to U.S. when you were a child, do you still have any favorite Russian singers?

I’m a big fan Russian classical composers like Borodin, Chaikovsky, Prokofiev, I studied classical music from a young age. And of course my mom 🙂


Polina Goudieva is a Grammy Award winning artist, currently published by Ultra/Sony ATV, with writing credits as well as vocals on Eminem’s track Legacy from his Grammy Award winning album Marshal Mathers LP2, (along with Rihanna, Skylar Grey, and Kendrick Lamar).

Most significantly, Polina had a No. 1, Gold Status record Book of Love with man of the moment Felix Jaehn (Ain’t Nobody Loves Me Better) with Book of Love currently totaling 23 million combined views on YouTube.

Polina also has further significant writing credits on Sean Kingston’s Sleep All Day, Party by Night (featured on the soundtrack of “The Inbetweeners” Movie).

The latest single ‘Little Babylon’ is out now via Ultra Records. The song is set to receive a fresh new remix package, out 18th November and includes re-workings from Adam Trigger, Joe Kold and Jyye.

French-born, Berlin-residing DJ and producer Adam Trigger adds his signature electro-house sound to the track, with a dramatic crescendo and rippling bassline which feeds into Danish producer Joe Kold’s edit. Bringing a wealth of experience and fresh touch to the track, as well as keeping the original guitar melody, Kold adds a distinctive pad synth beat over the top and looping synthesized vocals during the drop.

To complete the package, Australian producer Jyye brings a percussive, bouncy melody to the already effortlessly catchy track. Jyye has previously been supported by the likes of Tiësto and Oliver Heldens, thanks to his releases on Ministry of Sound, Clutch Records and Spotted Records.

The original track released earlier this year encompasses a soulful and sultry sound with Polina’s enchanting vocals layered over smooth saxophones, a soft guitar riff and a subtle 4/4 beat.