55 years have passed since the beloved Princess Diana was born. Because of her carrying and nice character and because of her tragic end, her story fully deserves to be reminded and kept close to the heart.

Early Life

On 1st July 1961 Frances and Jonnie Spencer expanded their family, namely the baby girl Diana was born. The parents did not know at first what name they should give her because they were expecting a boy, as the other two children were girls, as well. Only later, Diana had a little brother, Charles, and they were a very loving brother and sister.

(FILE) 50 Years Since Birth Of Diana, Princess Of Wales On July 1

When she was only six, her parents split and the children stayed with their father, while their mother ran away with another man. The Spencers were a rich family that helped the Royal Family.

That is why Diana lived almost next door to their Sandringham House in Norfolk, but did not even dream of becoming one day a member of them.

School Years

Diana was a very friendly person and had lots of friends. She was a good student that enjoyed his lessons, although she was not the smartest one. During the school years she discovered her love for charity work as she was kind and helpful. Diana won even a cup for helpfulness because of her interest in supporting old or ill people in her town.


To finish her studies she went for six weeks in Switzerland where she learned how to cook, to manage a household and to speak French. When she came back, Diana wanted to find her way and began to live with a friend in a flat. She wished to be as any other girl of her age and to come through by herself. In order to earn money, she did what she liked and could, namely looking after children and cooking or cleaning in her friends’ houses.

Becoming a Princess

Diana and Prince Charles often met at parties, but Charles was not interested in her at that time. He was approaching the age of forming a family and looked for a wife. He had many girlfriends, but not every girl could be a good queen. In 1980 he asked Diana, who was 12 years younger than him, on a date and she accepted immediately. She had only 20 minutes to get ready for their romantic dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Diana, Princess of Wales at home in Kensington Palace

Since then, the Sandringham girl had to adapt to a new lifestyle, being constantly in the public eye. The paparazzi first saw them while fishing down the River Dee. In newspapers, she got the nickname ‘Shy Di’ because of her sweet, nice and quiet way of being.

The Royal Wedding

The big step in history was made in February 1981 when Charles launched his marriage proposal by giving her a blue ring and Diana accepted. This situation, that a Prince of Wales marries an English girl, has not occurred since five hundred years.

The Prince and Princess of Wales return to Buckingham Palace by carriage after their wedding, 29th July 1981. She wears a wedding dress by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel and the Spencer family tiara. (Photo by Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images)

The life of the future Princess suffered many changes: she moved into Clarence House and felt under big pressure thinking of all the responsibilities that the marriage with a Royal will imply. Diana was so scared that she would not cope, that she even wanted to cancel the wedding. Supported by her friends and family she went on. Over 1 million people assisted their fairytale wedding in July at St. Paul’s Cathedral where the couple was acclaimed.

The New Princess

Although ‘Shy Di’ was quiet at first, she soon began to be very loved by the people because of her natural way of speaking, even more than Charles, fact that he did not like so much. Diana had a golden heart and was very active doing charity work.


She visited old or ill people, helped children with problems and most of her time she dedicated to people suffering from AIDS. The Princess had not only an altruistic side, but showed interest in fashion too. She wore only famous British brand clothes and was a fashion icon, being always well-dressed.

Princess Diana walking on a minefield.
Princess Diana walking on a minefield.
The Royal Family

Charles and Diana had two children, William and Henry. Their mother insisted that the boys should go to a normal school. She took care of them very well and played with them or helped them with the homework.

Diana, Princess of Wales with her sons, Prince William and P

Although in the press they seemed the perfect family, their marriage was not that successful. Diana was always there for others, but when it came to her she preferred to repress her insecurities and fears. She was not happy at all and suffered from an eating disorder.

Diana Charles And William

Not only that, but she discovered that Charles was not completely over his first love, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and that he kept in touch with her. Soon the two of them began to live two separate lives and decided to divorce in December 1996.

The Tragic End

In the summer of 1997 Diana began a relationship with her old friend Dodi Al Fayed, the son of the owner of Harrods and Ritz Hotel in Paris. They spent their holiday together in the city of love, the capital of France, but they were always followed by paparazzi. Trying to escape them, they drove with high speed. The driver lost control of the car and they crashed into a wall.


Three out of four people in the car died, only the bodyguard survived, but he could not remember anything about the accident. Many people and celebrities assisted at her funeral in London as she was an admired and loved Princess, but above all a human being. Elton John dedicated her a song which was actually written for Marilyn Monroe. Both died young, at 36.

It is sad how a person, who was so helpful and had such a golden heart, could end so tragically. All in all, Diana was just “a candle in the wind”. Goodbye, England’s Rose!

Princess Diana Wearing a Hat

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