For almost a week now, one of the world’s biggest technology exhibition is taking place in Berlin, Germany’s capital city with a history just as big as IFA’s exhibitor list. But probably right now, you’re wondering what IFA is, how is it structured and what’s so amazing about it. Well, I cannot define it exactly, as it differs from one year to another, but I think that I might have a somewhat suitable answer. Close your eyes (but only after you finished reading this section) and imagine a planet. This planet is called Technology, or the “IFA-Planet” and just like our Earth, it consists of continents with numerous countries, oceans, seas, etc. Now, there are multiple continents, but the most important ones are Processors, Home Entertainment, Mobile Communication, Computing and Smart Gadgets. And just like on Earth, they consist of more countries, such as Samsung, Microsoft, Acer, Lenovo, LG, Sony and many others. This is IFA, and the so-called “Planet of Technology” is located in the Heart of Berlin, but only for one week a year.


Together with the CES (Consumer Electornics Show) and the MWC (Mobile World Congress), IFA, which stands for “Internationale Funkausstellung” (German: “International Technology Exhibition), is one of the three major technology events of the year. And undoubtedly, tech giants and small start-ups are in a constant race to show the world their new inventions. For instance, Acer unveiled two new extremely different computers, among other interesting new products. The first laptop is one of the thinnest on the market right now, competing directly with the HP Spectre 13 and the 12” MacBook, while the second one is the most powerful laptop released ever, designed especially for gamers. Samsung brought out the Galaxy Gear S3, which is the third generation of their Galaxy Smartwatch.


Lenovo unveiled the YogaBook, which basically is a notebook transformed into a tablet and also officially launched the Moto Z and Z Play in Europe. The Motorola Moto Z (Motorola now being a Lenovo company) is the thinnest premium smartphone on the market right now and it is absolutely stunning. Sony released two new Xperia smartphones and a 24-carat Gold plated Walkman and a new pair of Over-Ear headphones, the set being priced at over $5.000. HP unveiled a modular desktop PC, with a similar design to its gorgeous Spectre 13 laptop and both Intel and AMD presented their latest processors. 5G technology was presented and LG stunned with its OLED tunnel.


Today is the last day of the exhibition, but also the long awaited Apple September Event, where it is supposed to unveil the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus along with the Apple Watch 2 and some new Headphones, this time under their own brand. But will the world forget all these amazing gadgets presented at IFA? Will Apple take the spotlight again and away from all these other tech firms. Well, this is a possibility. That’s why Samsung did not announce the Note 7 at the IFA anymore, like it did in the previous years and opted instead for a standalone event. However, Samsung is experiencing dark times as it has been discovered that the Note 7’s battery has a high risk to explode when charging and is now doing a worldwide recall program. And the news comes right before Apple’s keynote from tonight. But the answer to my previous question will come only this evening, when the whole world will be laying its eyes on Apple and the highly anticipated iPhone 7.