Do you believe in afterlife? What is Afterlife? Afterlife is an abstract concept, in which our consciousness continues to exist after the death of our body.

According to various ideas regarding the afterlife, this continued life takes place in a spiritual realm or the individual may be reborn into another world and begin the life cycle over again without having memory of what they have done in the past. Some religions believe in afterlife but no God. For example, an ancient Jewish sect, the Sadducees, generally believed that there was a God but no afterlife.

In many religions such as Christianity, Islam and many pagan beliefs people accept the soul’s existence in another world. In others, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, people believe in reincarnation. Yet, almost all religions puts forward the idea that that one’s  afterlife is a reward or punishment for their previous life.

The reincarnation refers to an afterlife concept found in many religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and many others. In reincarnation, spiritual development continues after death as the dead person begins another life in the physical world, acquiring more wisdom by means of successive reincarnations, which will lead toward an eventual liberation.

In Abrahamic religions the adherents believe that one goes to hell or heaven or to the intermediate stage, depending on one’s actions while on Earth, to await the “Resurrection of the Dead”. In most concepts, heaven is a reward for the righteous people after they die and thus, they can unite with God. In contrast to heaven, hell is a punishment and torment for the sinful, and the eternal separation from God and captivity with other wicked souls and fallen angels.

Limbo is another theory, that unbaptized but innocent souls, such as those of infants or virtuous individuals who lived before Jesus Christ will exist in neither Heaven nor Hell. Therefore, these souls neither merit the union with God, nor are subjected to any punishment, because they are not guilty of any personal sin because they have not received baptism, but still bear original sin. Thus, the souls generally exist in a state of natural, but not great, happiness, until the end of time.

In conclusion, afterlife remains a mystery and the only answer lies in what you believe in.

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