Choices. Choices define us, they tell us who we are and what we believe in. Choices influence our life and they show the others the “real” us. Choices matter and we should be careful with them. Daily, we see and experience more and more examples of bad decisions that affect us one way or another. Britain chose to exit the EU and now the majority regrets it, Moldova has chosen its president through popular vote for the first time since 2000 and Romania may soon be in the situation to make history and choose whether or not they accept LGBT marriages.

These choices matter, because  the citizens make them. Sometimes, however, as we’ve seen with the EU Referendum in Britain, the decision of the majority is not the best one, or is not good at all. But, on November 8, the choice of the US people must be the good one. They have to make sure to maintain US’ open and tolerant, they have to fight for democracy, for ethical values and against discrimination. They must not vote for a tyrant and make a mistake that the whole world would regret, but instead vote for a competent, tolerant and respectful person. They must choose Hillary Clinton.

Probably you’re wondering why we care about the outcome of the US Election and why we’ve been following the presidential race, as we’re settled in Eastern Europe and the choice of the president has no direct implications for us. The truth is that the whole world is watching, because if Donald Trump were to be elected, chaos might rule the world once again. They have to make sure that this won’t happen. They must not choose Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has been fighting for children’s and women’s rights, she’s been fighting for equality, for respect, for tolerance and against discrimination, she’s been fighting for justice and ultimately, she’s been fighting for the US citizens her entire adult life. She has served as First Lady, as a NY Senator and as Secretary of State. She wants to make sure that opportunities are available for everyone, no matter their social background. She is fighting to raise the wages, to ensure that men and women are paid equally and that the US will finally join the rest of the world and have paid family leave. What’s Donald Trump been fighting for? He’s been fighting his entire adult life only to become richer. He is racist, he discriminates people based on their skin colour, sexual orientation, physical appearance and disabilities. Is this the man you want as a president?

The future is on the ballot. Your and our future is on the ballot. All the progress that’s been made is on the ballot, respect for women and equality is on the ballot and most importantly tolerance is on the ballot. You have to make the right choice and vote for Hillary Clinton.

So what defines you, America? Are you a tolerant and open nation, or a racist and discriminatory one? That’s what you have to keep in mind on November 8.

People of the US, tomorrow’s the big day. Make your voice heard. Go and vote!